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Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle

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Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle
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Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle

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This bundle is by far the best bundle we have created yet. Packed with current blog articles, marketing tools, PDFs and guides to aid any digital marketer.

The bundle contains : 

  • Current social media marketing articles (2018)
  • Coupon Code for over 10,000 premium business fonts

The following Guides/PDFs :

  • 12 Social Media Hacks That Work by Srinidhi Ranganathan
  • Become Digital Marketing Expert by ICA Eduskills
  • Content Marketing Decoded by Grace Beckett
  • Dreaming of Hope Street by Eder Holguin
  • A Raw Inside Look Into Social Media by Jeff Toohey
  • Internet Marketing Guide to Success by Ben Clemons
  • The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting by

The following Tools : 

Formatting, even plain text, can be a chore with a simple text editor (like Microsoft's Notepad). So I use a text editor called TextPad. It's like Notepad but on steroids.

Site Speed
Site Speed is a utility program designed to help you make your web pages download quickly. If you have large image content in your web site, Site Speed can shrink them down and make your web site faster to access!

Press Release-O-Matic
Press releases are a powerful marketing medium if you know how to construct them and here's a tool to help you. This is a "fill-in-the-blanks" piece of software from Bill Myers. 

CamStudio On Screen Video Recorder
CamStudio records screen activity from your Windows Desktop into AVI movie files for use in software demonstrations and active presentations. Free download.

AVG Virus Checker
AVG Free Edition is now available for all single home users worldwide! You can use it without any limitations for the life of the product. You can also download free updates to get the latest program virus databases.

Bot Surfer
Michael Nicholas has developed a really cool piece of software that allows you to search through forums (up to 15 at a time) and find all the topics you are interested in...automatically. It will even 'Deep Search' into the postings...what a time saver!

Domain Name Appraisor
This has to be just a bit of fun software! It gives you an estimated monetary value (in $USD) for any domain name (.com, .net, .org or .cc). Just enter the domain name and answer a few questions about it, and it pops up a figure saying what it's worth.

Good Keywords
Good Keywords is a life saver that will help you choose the best set of keywords for your site. It uses the clues provided by search engines like GoTo, Direct Hit and Lycos to build a suitable keyword set. Once you are done, a simple click will get you the required keyword meta tag... ready to be pasted into your HTML file.

CardKick is a simple cardfile manager for password-encrypted, textual information. The program is very small; works with any number of opened cardfiles and can open URL links using a Web browser. Password encryption combined with the ability to open URL links via a Web browser makes CardKick an ideal place to store information like: Web addresses, user names, passwords and credit card account details.

Traffic Virus 2.0
The web's first traffic generating software designed to launch your own viral advertising campaign.

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